Hermitage - hammer of purity

Indeed his very popularity has to a certain extent obscured his personality . If we may believe the conclusions of recent critics, some of the Saint's biographers, in order to meet the ever-increasing demand for the marvellous displayed by his devout clients, and comparatively oblivious of the historical features of his life, have devoted themselves to the task of handing down to posterity the posthumous miracles wrought by his intercession . We need not be surprised, therefore, to find accounts of his miracles that may seem to the modern mind trivial or incredible occupying so large a space in the earlier biographies of St. Anthony. It may be true that some of the miracles attributed to St. Anthony are legendary , but others come to us on such high authority that it is impossible either to eliminate them or explain them away a priori without doing violence to the facts of history .
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Hermitage - Hammer Of PurityHermitage - Hammer Of PurityHermitage - Hammer Of PurityHermitage - Hammer Of Purity